Chatsworth, CA, January 2007 – Aitech Defense Systems, Inc., the world's first and largest independent manufacturer of board and subsystem level products for harsh environment defense, aerospace and astronautics applications, now offers a rugged, 8-slot 3/4 ATR-Short chassis tht is both lightweight and compact. Designed to withstand extreme environemental conditions of altitude, temperature, moisture, shock, vibration, EMI/RFI, and chemical exposure, the new E120 is ideal for use in several types of military and aerospace environments, including ground vechiles and advanced tactical and strategic airborn platforms.

The new chassis can accomodate up to eight standard conduction-cooled 6U x 160mm ANSI/IEEE 1101.2-1992 VMEbus or ANSI/VITA 30.1 CompactPCI modules thta are environmentally sealed within the chassis. The E120 incorporates external forced air-cooling via two, sealed side heat exchangers located on the sides of the unit wth cooling air provided by connection to the vechiles ECS or by an optional 28 VDC or 115 VC fan and housng assembly.

The E120 is easy to transport and install. The unit features a built-in front handle, secured via two front mounting hooks, and two rear hold-down pin receptables tht facilitate installation in standard ARINC 404 3/4-ATR mounting trays. Constructed using a fully sealed Faraday cage, the new E120 provides a sturdy mechanical design.

The front panel features a flexible configuration of user-defined 38999-style connectors that conform to military standards, one for input power and all others for I/O. Optional features for the front panel include an elapsed-time meter, and LED indicator to track system operation, an On/Off switch and or circuit breaker and an external grounding lug, depending on user's needs.

The chassis helps to minimize EMI/RFI with design elements such as metal-to-metal clamping with conductive surfaces and fastners with high conductivity O-ring seals, filtered and screened power lines, and a shielded power supply module.

An epoxy paint finish on the exterior of the E120 inhibits corrosion, and is available in standard military colors with non-standard colors available on request. Internal surfaces are chemical conversion coated (Allochrome) for corrosion resistance and electrick conductivity. All finishes and components are fungus resistant.

The VMEbus backplane is VME64x-compliant with 160-pin, 5-row J1/J2 DIN connectors and 95-pin P0 connectors in all slots. The CompactPCI backplan can accommodate 32 or 64 bit,. 33 or 66 MHz PCI architectures. The E120 conforms to the standard 3/4 ATR-Short mounting footprint of 7.50" x 12.52" x 7.62" (229cm x 385cm x 232cm), with a maximum external dimension of 7.50" x 16.53" x 7.62" (229 cm x 504 cm x 232 cm), which includes the front I/O panels and carrying handles. Operating temperature is -46°C (-51°F) to +60°C (140°F).



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