Chatsworth, September 16, 2005 - Aitech Systems Ltd., a world leader in the development and manufacture of board and subsystem level products for harsh environment defense, aerospace and space applications, announced that it has received the first production order from the LAHAV Division of IAI (Israel Aircraft Industries) for Display & Mission Computers. These will drive the state-of-the-art, glass cockpit avionics of the Indian Advanced Light Helicopter Program (ALH). IAI/LAHAV is the prime contractor for the avionics development of the ALH program.

Under this contract for the first order of 32 computer units, Aitech will provide IAI fully COTS and open-systems architecture compliant, integrated and tested Display & Mission Computer systems, with initial units being delivered at the end of the year. All deliveries for the first production order will be completed by May 2006. Aitech will build 400 Display & Mission Computers for the ALH program, to be delivered over the next several years. In addition, Aitech is under contract to IAI to provide the next generation of Display & Mission Computers for the IAI LAHAV Division’s avionics upgrade programs.

This advanced avionics Display & Mission Computer represents a mutual design between IAI/LAHAV and Aitech.

The Display & Mission Computer was designed to run the display and mission management software developed by IAI LAHAV and is DO-178B compliant. It includes state-of-the-art processor, memory, I/O and quad-head graphics boards packed in a light-weight 1 ATR Short enclosure with a sophisticated MIL-STD-704 compliant power supply.

The computer is capable of driving four digital (DVI) Multi-Function Displays (MFD) simultaneously, displaying high-resolution synthetic graphics with instrumentation, navigation and mission data, as well as multiple sources of video. The full-featured graphics/video subsystem supports many different configurations and protocols in addition to input and display options and formats, thus providing IAI LAHAV the best performance and maximum flexibility to implement next generation glass cockpit systems.

The Display & Mission Computer also includes a large array of communication interfaces, including MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, Fast Ethernet, USB (for external removable mass storage devices), high speed RS-422/485/232 serial I/O, high quality audio, as well as support for ARINC 708 weather radar equipment. A large number of digital and analog (A/D, D/A) input and output lines used to read and control different sensors are also integrated in the computer.

The Display & Mission Computer was designed using a modular approach based on the VMEbus open architecture providing the path for future growth, expansion and additional enhancements. In its present configuration, the computer has provisions for internal and external mass-storage devices and an optional digital map subsystem.



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