VITA Adds Aitech Defense Systems to Board of Directors

Chatsworth, CA, January 2006 - Aitech Defense Systems, Inc., a world leader in the development and manufacture of board and subsystem level products for harsh environment defense, aerospace and space applications, has announced that it has joined the Board of Directors of VITA, the VMEbus International Trade Association dedicated to fostering open systems architecture in a variety of embedded computing applications. Aitech's long standing commitment to the VMEbus standard included such innovations as developing the first true military SAVA (Standard Army Vetronics Architecture) compliant, VMEbus SBC in 1985, as well as the first set of radiation qualified, multiple VMEbus products for the International Space Station (ISS) in 1996.

Doug Patterson, Vice President of Worldwide Sale and Mareting for Aitech, will serve as Aitech's primary representative on the VITA board. Patterson commented, "VITA has upheld the standards and integrity of the VME community for over 22 years. Aitech is proud to be joining the Board of Directors, so that we can continue to make a substantial impact on the continuing growth of the VMEbus and the encompassing bus and board industry, and to the markets it so effectively serves. Because these are open specifications, VMEbus and other embedded bus and board technologies are used in a broad range of significant industries ranging from defense and aerospace commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) subsystems and platforms, high-end industrial controls, medicine and healthcare to transportation and scientific instrumentation and communications equipement."

Accredited as an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) developer and also accredited under the IEC (International Electrotehcnical Commission), the VITA Standards Organization (VSO) provides its members with the ability to develop and to promote open technology standards. The VSO has created more than 30 standards in the past 10 years that promote open technology systems; all the VSO standards are extensions of or related to the original CMEbus standard of 1981. In military and defense embedded computing applications, VME is the most widely used open standard in existence.

Ray Alderman, Executive Director of VITA, said, "the strenght of our organization lies in the dedication of our membership, and the commitment from companies such as Aitech help to foster VME and the industries un which VME plays a vital role. VME is still flourishing worldwide because the specification continually incorporate the newest technologies, thanks to the collective efforts of the members in the VITA Standards Organization."

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About VITA

VITA, the VMEbus International Trade Association, is an incorporated, non-profit organization of vendors and users having a common market interest. Founded in 1984, VITA believes in and champions open system architecture as poosed to proprietary system architectures. VITA's activities are international in scope. The functions performed by VITA are technical, promotional, and user-related, and are aimed at increasing the total market size, providing vendors with additional market exposure, and providing users with timely technical information. For information about VITA membership or to find out how to obtain VITA specifications, visit the VITA website at, or call VITA headquarters at (480)837-7486.

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