Chatsworth, CA, August 2006 – Aitech Defense Systems, Inc., a world leading supplier of COTS embedded-computing solutions for harsh environments, today announced two power-saving, rugged 3U Compact PCI single board computers (SBCs) with improved processing performance of up to 1.4GHz and broader memory and I/O options.

Available in commercial, rugged and military levels of ruggedization, the new SBCs are powerful, durable and versatile enough to satisfy applications ranging from mission computers and mission control subsystems, to fire-control processing, platform stabilization, remotely piloted vehicles, and more

The new Aitech C901 SBC and its low-power version, the C901L, feature powerful next-generation Freescale™ 7448 PowerPC™ processors with on-chip L1 and enhanced L2 caches and AltiVec™ Technology, which provided capacity for enhanced processing power even in I/O intensive applications. Both models can be used in Compact PCI subsystems as system controllers or as Compact PCI peripheral boards capable of supporting up to six additional cards on the cPCI backplane, while providing clock, arbitration and interrupt functions.

A fully functional C901 with 512MB DRAM operates at a typical power consumption of 24.0 watts at 1.4GHZ processor speed. The C901L versions reduces that power consumption to less than 17.0 watts (at 1.0 GHz) for applications where power dissipation concerns are more critical than processor speed..

For additional power savings, both models offer a user-programmable Dynamic Frequency Switching mechanism that reduces processor speed when processing demands are low. This permits an optimum balance between processing power and energy conservation, giving the C901 SBCs the best power/performance ration (MIPs/Watt) of any rugged 3U Compact PCI available on the market today.

Both board configurations provide up to 1MB on-chip cache memory, 200MHz memory buses, and 2GB Flash memory. They also offer six standard variants of I/O capabilities including multiple choices of GB ethernet ports, Fast Ethernet ports, USB ports, high-speed serial ports, and up to eight discrete I/O channels. An industry-standard PMC slot allows for installation of additional modules and functionality.

An advanced, highly integrated Discovery III system controller function as both the memory controller of the processor as its bridge for the two PCI bus ports Memory capabilities to support processor and user application needs include up to 1GB of Double Data Rate SDRAM with error-check-and-correction protection, 64 MB Boot Flash Memory, 128KB User Flash Memory, 128KB Autostore NVSRAM, and up to 2GB of NAND Flash memory. In addition to the high-performance processor and extensive supporting memory arrays, the board architecture is designed to utilize all bus interfaces to the maximum potential.

Available in both rugged conduction-cooled and air-cooled formats, the highly integrated designs of the C901 and C901L maximize performance and versatility. Their thermal management features are comprised of two thermal sensors positioned at temperature-critical locations to monitor and report temperature data to the user's application software. Intelligent mechanical designs, including custom heatsink modules with metal frames, allow for optimal heat dissipation from the board.

Both the C901 and C901L are compatible as energy-saving one-to-one drop-in replacements or Aitech's earlier model C900 SBC based on the Freescale™ 7447A processor design. And like all boards in the Aitech C900 Series, the are available with complete Board Support Packages (BSP) for WindRiver VxWorks® and Green Hills® Integrity® real-time operating systems, including drivers for all on-board resources that enable a user to take full advantage of the board's powerful features.


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