Obsolescence Management and Lifecycle Support
We’re experts in helping you plan for the future, too. For customers that require enhanced services such as custom engineering or obsolescence and life-cycle services, we develop comprehensive obsolescence management programs tailored to meet specific needs. Our technology management and technology insertion programs assist our customer with operational and maintenance management and reducing overall program life-cycle costs.

Our approaches to obsolescence management include, but are not limited to:
• Data Package Management
• Component device and die banking
• Re-qualification testing
• Component radiation characterization and certification testing
• Legacy electronics parts re-design
• Manufacture of Form-Fit-Function LRUs (Line Replaceable Units)

Software and Application Engineering
Aitech will work as closely with our customers as necessary to deliver market-leading software applications expertise and innovative product solutions. When required, Aitech’s application engineers will guide customers through the application code development process, with hands-on real-world expertise in a variety of environments, including all of the leading embedded-industry operating systems:

• VxWorks®
• LynxOS®
• Linux™
• Windows® XP/NT/2000
• Green Hills™ Integrity®
• Flight-qualified real-time operating systems


Subsystem Integration Capabilities
Customization & Design
Subsystem Solutions
Legacy of Success
Obsolescence Management & Lifecycle Support
Software & Application Engineering

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