M577 Multi-Channel Frame Grabber XMC

M577 Multi-Channel Frame Grabber XMC
Aitech's M577 frame grabber XMC provides video capture functionality with low power consumption. The M577 provides SDI and composite/S-Video input interfaces.
  • Single Width XMC
  • PCIe x4 Host Interface
  • Video Inputs
    • 7 x Composite supporting RS-170A (NTSC)/PAL
    • 3 x S-Video supporting NTSC/PAL
    • 2 x SDI supporting HD and SD resolutions
  • Up to 4 x Inputs Available Simultaneously
  • Universal VPWR 5V/12V
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Windows®, Linux®, VxWorks® Support
  • Conduction and Air-Cooled Versions
  • Vibration and Shock Resistant
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