Space Products

Rugged Enclosures For Space Applications

Aitech’s intelligent Ai-RIO remote I/O interface unit (RIU) product line represents a new paradigm in platform remote I/O management intended primarily for the low earth-orbit space applications.
E905 3U CompactPCI Space-Rated Enclosure
The Aitech E905 is a cold plate cooled 3-Slot 3U CompactPCI compliant rugged computer enclosure, specially designed for space applications.
E901 3U CompactPCI Enclosure
The Aitech E901 is a cold plate cooled 5-slot 3U CompactPCI-compliant, rugged enclosure, specially designed for space applications.  Its optimized design provides maximum strength and minimum weight.
A rugged 2 slot, 3U CompactPCI powered enclosure designed for harsh mechanical, climatic, chemical and electrical stresses.
E903 Rugged 3U CompactPCI Enclosure

Aitech’s E903 cold-plate cooled enclosure is rugged and reliable, lightweight and compact as well as EMI/RFI protected and environmentally sealed wih Atmo pressure purge disk.

E900 3U CompactPCI Radiation Tolerant Enclosure
A rugged chassis specially designed for high reliability space applications.
E117  Full-ATR Short VME Enclosure
A cold plate-cooled 11 slot VME64 compliant rugged computer enclosure, specially designed for space applications.

Single Board Computers (SBCs) For Space Applications

SP0-S 3U cPCI Radiation Tolerant PowerPC SBC
At the heart of Aitech's newly updated Space-rated SP0-S for LEO, MEO or GEO missions is NXP’s (formally Freescale) PowerQUICC®III MPC8548E – e500 System on Chip. This further enhanced SP0-S 3U CompactPCI SBC represents an evolution from the previous generation of Space COTS SP0 SBC.
SP0 3U CompactPCI Radiation Tolerant PowerPC® SBC
Aitech's SP0 3U CompactPCI SBC is an evolution from the Aitech C925/S950 SBCs.  Improvements include a processor upgrade to the NXP's PowerQUICC III MPC8548E – e500 System on Chip and an additional larger user Flash.  With the processor upgrade, the SP0 has increased processing performance while maintaining or even reducing the power requirements.

S950 3U compactPCI Radiation Tolerant PowerPC® SBC
A powerful rugged CompactPCI board specifically designed to operate in the harsh space radiation environment for mission-critical applications such as redundant mission computer, flight guidance and navigation computer, command and data handling computer, solid state recorder, video controller and manipulator controller.

Memory Boards For Space Applications

S992 3U cPCI Radiation Tolerant Flash Memory
Aitech's S992 Non-Volatile Memory Module is a radiation tolerant, high-capacity Flash Memory, 3U CompactPCI board designed to work in the space radiation environments.
S990 3U cPCI Radiation Tolerant Memory Module
A radiation tolerant, latchup-protected, high capacity Flash memory, rugged 3U CompactPCI board designed to work in hard space radiation environments

Peripheral I/O Boards For Space Applications

S740 Radiation Tolerant Communications PMC
Aitech’s S740 Communications PMC is a single width, conduction-cooled PCI mezzanine card (PMC) with a 33.333 MHz 32-bit PCI-Bus Interface mezzanine, designed and characterized primarily for Space applications.
S910 3U cPCI Radiation Hardened MIL-STD-1553B
Aitech’s S910 MIL-STD-1553B board – with its companion S911 mezzanine – features four BU61688P3 Mini-Advanced Communication Engine or 4 BU63825G3 SP’ACE hybrid by DDC in a single 3U cPCI slot.
S750  Radiation Tolerant Gigabit Ethernet Switch PMC
The only layer-2 Gigabit managed or unmanaged Ethernet Switch designed for manned/unmanned space applications.
S730 Radiation Tolerant SpaceWire PMC
Designed to operate and host on the S950 Single Board Computer (SBC) and provides three (3) full duplex SpaceWire ports.
S703  Dual MIL-STD-1553 Radiation Tolerant PMC
Provides dual transceiver and encoder/decoder, complete MIL-STD-1553B protocol, 16k words of shared RAM, and memory management logic for all three modes (BC/RT/MT).
S710 Radiation Tolerant Communications PM
Features RS-422 differential Inputs and RS-422 differential Outputs with onboard FPGA logic to interface to the external spacecraft sensors and devices.
S930 3U CompactPCI Radiation Tolerant Analog I/O Card
Provides a 12-bit resolution analog and digital conversion to multiple ports.
S940 3U CompactPCI Radiation Tolerant Digital I/O Card
Provides a variety of discrete TTL, optoisolated RS422 and RS232 serial ports.

Carrier Cards and Transition Modules

CM950 Radiation Tolerant 3U PMC Carrier
The CM950 provides an additional PMC site per backplane slot.
CM951 Radiation Tolerant 3U PMC & 1553 Carrier
The CM951 provides an additional PMC site per backplane slot and an onboard 1553 interface.